vote 2014We all need to get the vote out. As Gun owners, shooters, sportsman, and enthusiasts, we all need to vote against Anti-gun politicians, and to promote and elect Pro-gun politicians.

I keep hearing from long time shooters, “they will never get rid of our guns, and our 2nd Amendment rights.” The actual truth is if we do not continue to vote down negative gun laws and the politicians who keep coming up with these laws, we will lose our guns and our rights.

Do not believe “my vote won’t make any difference, so why vote.” This is exactly what the extreme left politicians are banking on; the apathy of the common voter to disagree with what they are trying to do, and not vote. By not voting you are actually saying that you do not care what laws are passed, nor how they will affect your life.

Most politicians feel that they know better than their constituents what is needed in our lives; by being a passive voter it does nothing to dispel this idea. We need to exercise our right to vote to keep and preserve our other rights that we hold dear and valuable. If politicians don’t fear losing their positions, then they will not act in OUR best interests, only their own.