We all need to get the vote out. As Gun owners, shooters, sportsman, and enthusiasts, we all need to vote against Anti-gun politicians, and to promote and elect Pro-gun politicians. I keep hearing from long time shooters, “they will never get rid of our guns, and our 2nd Amendment rights.” The actual truth is if we do not continue to vote down negative gun laws and the politicians who keep coming up with these laws, we will lose our guns and our rights. Do not believe “my vote won’t make any dif [...]

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Tips for the beginner reloader

Reloading Tips for the beginner Remember to go slow, read the instructions, and proceed with small steps. Safety is the most important thing. 1) To start with, try to determine if you will shoot enough to warrant the cost of the equipment you will need to purchase. 2) Next determine if you want a single stage press or a progressive press; the single requires that one step only is done each time the press is cycled, whereas the progressive has multiple dies that all do a different step as the pre [...]

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How to transfer a gun from outside the State

How to transfer a gun from outside the State 1)    Call S & S Sales to let us know that you are having a gun sent in to us, and who is sending it. If it is from a FFL, we need to know where to send a copy of our FFL.  If it is from someone other than a FFL, they will need to send a copy of their State’s Drivers license, along with the gun. 2)    A long gun can be sent by UPS/Fedex ground delivery. A hand gun needs to be sent by UPS/Fedex 2nd day delivery. B [...]

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How to transfer/sell a long gun in New York State

How to transfer/sell a long gun in New York State New for 2014, with the Safe Act, you can no longer just have a trade or sale between two people; the State requires you to go through a FFL dealer for this transaction. Your  steps  to  do this is as follows: 1)    Call the FFL you want to do this transaction, to verify they will do the transaction 2)    Both parties along with the long gun to be exchanged, need to go to the FFL location 3)   [...]

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The New York State Safe Act

The New York State Safe Act Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed through the Safe Act early in 2014. The Gov. has stated from the beginning that this law is aimed solely at the Criminal element in New York State; But, with a stroke of the pen , he has turned Law Abiding Citizens into potential Criminals. Gov. Cuomo started out by subjugating the existing law; which has a three day review period before the new law can take effect, he had the three day review, removed, so the law “would not get watered down”. [...]

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