S&S Sales offers the following services to help you better enjoy your next range or hunting experience.


If you’re looking to have a scope mounted on your new gun, or replacing your old scope off the new one, we can take care of the entire process from start to finish.
You can either provide us with all the necessary equipment, (scope rings and bass) or we can assist you with making a purchase that will fit your gun and your budget. Bore-sighting is also offered to help you get one step closer to your desired performance.

Mounting of scope, rings and base – $20
Bore-sighting $10/or free with the purchase of a scope


Because of our rural location, we are able to offer range sighting of your gun as well. This MUST be performed by employees of S&S Sales ONLY due to liability concerns.
The service requires the customer to provide the ammunition to be used. Only factory loaded ammunition is accepted. You may provide your own or purchase ammunition available from S&S Sales.
It is recommended that you provide ammunition that you will be using while either target shooting or hunting to achieve the best results.

Range sighting – $10


Cleaning of your gun is also offered. Standard cleaning includes breakdown, cleaning, lubrication and assembly. If your gun needs extra attention, over and above the standard cleaning, we will assess the guns needs and discuss pricing.

Standard cleaning – $20
Extensive cleaning-price based on needs

The above pricing does not include applicable sales tax.

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