How to transfer a gun from outside the State

1)    Call S & S Sales to let us know that you are having a gun sent in to us, and who is sending it. If it is from a FFL, we need to know where to send a copy of our FFL.  If it is from someone other than a FFL, they will need to send a copy of their State’s Drivers license, along with the gun.

2)    A long gun can be sent by UPS/Fedex ground delivery. A hand gun needs to be sent by UPS/Fedex 2nd day delivery. Both deliveries need to have an adult signature required.

3)    Please make sure that whoever sends in a gun identifies who it is for. Name and phone number are critical for S & S Sales to be able to contact the correct person.

4)    If it is a hand gun, we will make out a receipt, and send it to you via e-mail, which you will take to the agency that issues pistol permits and have your permit modified.  You will get a coupon from the agency to give to us.

5)    S & S Sales will run a background (NICS) check for both long guns and hand guns. After you have passed this check we will give you your gun.