How to transfer/sell a long gun in New York State

New for 2014, with the Safe Act, you can no longer just have a trade or sale between two people; the State requires you to go through a FFL dealer for this transaction.

Your  steps  to  do this is as follows:

1)    Call the FFL you want to do this transaction, to verify they will do the transaction

2)    Both parties along with the long gun to be exchanged, need to go to the FFL location

3)    There the FFL will log the gun into their acquisition book, taking possession of the gun

4)    The FFL will then run a background check (NICS), on the person getting the gun; if the NICS come back positive, that person can take the gun home

5)    According to New York State – even Police Officers must go through this procedure unless it is going on their Badge

6)    The only Exception to this Procedure is between immediate Family members – they do not have to go through a FFL for long gun sales or transfers to each other. Cousins and In-laws are not covered by this exemption