The New York State Safe Act

The New York Safe Act took effect on January 1, 2013.

The Gov. has stated from the beginning that this law is aimed solely at the Criminal element in New York State; But, with a stroke of the pen , he has turned Law Abiding Citizens into potential Criminals.

Gov. Cuomo started out by subjugating the existing law; which has a three day review period before the new law can take effect, he had the three day review, removed, so the law “would not get watered down”.

The next thing that was done is the revoking of the previous legal status of magazines with higher than 10 round capacity.
September 1993 was the first ban on high capacity mags; any mags manufactured before 9/93 was Grand Fathered by State law, it even stated that it would be based on the manufacturer date of the weapon which takes the mags to determine the date of compliance.
The Safe Act with the stroke of the pen makes the possession of high capacity mags a potential Felony. A customer of ours bought a De-militarized M-16 from Viet Nam in 1970, it came with 13 30 round mags; these have been legal for 44 years, now they are 13 potential Felony charges.

It appears that when You do not know what to do about a scenario, institute a new law, to fit only your narrow viewpoint.
New York State has a tremendous amount of laws on the books against guns and their usage.  Supposedly all aimed at the Criminal element in our Society. The Laws seem only to restrict the Law Abiding Citizen, and not the Criminals.

The new law is confusing to Police agencies around the State.

54 out of 59 Counties in New York State have had their Legislatures vote against the Safe Act, and Police Agencies in these Counties have said they will not enforce the Safe Act.

Law Abiding Citizens should not bear the brunt of the actions against criminals; Law Abiding Citizens should be allowed more Gun Privileges, and the ability to protect themselves and their Families.